Mediterranean rocky benthic communities face to global change


Welcome to Biorock


Welcome to Biorock

Biorock is a research project on marine biodiversity conservation funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation for three years 2010-2012. Biorock is focused on the reactions, recovery, and prediction of future trajectories of the species and communities facing strong disturbances associated to global change. To do so, an original interdisciplinary approach including environmental (temperature) and ecological surveys (baseline data on community structure and population dynamics) and population modelling tools (Population Viability Analysis) will be developed.

Main objectives

The main objectives of the Biorock are:

  1. to search for empirical relationships on the direct and synergic effects of temperature and species invasion on rocky benthic communities at different biological organization level (individual, population and community);
  2. to establish reference baselines; and
  3. develop a series of tools to detect changes and to forecast the long-term effects of disturbances over the effectiveness of management plans.

The Biorock project is coordinated by MedRecover research group based at the Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC).